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With all of our team members being happy parents themselves, we have the experience and the caring it takes to run the best e-store.


They play, study a bit, then play again, and communicate with each other.


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Read helpful articles written by our teachers.

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Only those teachers who really love children and have vast experience work for us.


We have developed different programs for different ages and skill levels. Check them out below and contact us for more details.

Store Locator

We constantly arrange a variety of activities for our students and their parents, and for those who have not yet enrolled in our kindergarten.

Kids Store #1


   707 Randolph Street Napa, CA 94559


   Opened 9:45 AM


   123 - 456 - 789

Nenagh Kids Store


   500 South Capitol Avenue, IN 46225


   Opened 9:45 AM


   123 - 456 - 780